Survival DAO is the protocol allowing users to compete in a series of tasks, challenges, and games we call SGT or Survival Game Theory.

Hold * Play * Earn * SURVIVE


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About us

What is Survival Dao?

Survival DAO is an experience that allows users to have fun, test their skills and be part of a community that is rewarded by the DAO. With the multilevel rewards structure or MRS, the DAO rewards are left to the holders. Each SGT will also benefit holders by not only filling the SDAO treasury, but also rewarding SGT participants during and at the end of each round. SGT’s are tokens that are released as game pieces.


Being a holder of SDAO gives you a voice in when and how the Treasury rewards are distributed. Holders also receive game pieces to each SGT that is created proportionate to their SDAO holding.


SDAO collects and sends fees to the treasury as rewards. Additionally, every SGT sends rewards to the SDAO treasury, the SGT Survival pool and does buybacks of SDAO as rewards to SGT participants.


The goal with each SGT is to be the team that survives. The winning team is rewarded the Survival pool at the end. Once an SGT is complete, another SGT will begin. Each Survival game will have a distinct set of rules. SOB will be the first SGT.


Survival Dao Timeline

PHASE I 2023
  • Survival DAO creation
  • Survival DAO launch
  • CMC and CG
  • Community Building
  • First SGT released
  • DAO voting, rewards distributed
PHASE 2 2023
  • Partnerships
  • Second SGT released
  • DAO voting, rewards distributed
  • Community Building
  • SDAO website refresh
PHASE 3 2023
  • Partnership expansion
  • Third SGT released
  • DAO voting, rewards distributed
  • Survival celebrations

How we work


Survival DAO collects a small fee on each Buy and sell. Those fees have been set at 7% and 7%. These are used in the various reward mechanisms.

Total Supply 100,000,000

7% BUY/SELL fee

3% DAO treasury (DAO chooses token)

3% Operation

1% Rewards

With each SGT they will also collect fees. Those fees are also currently set at 7% and 7%. Total Supply – will vary with each SGT

7% BUY/SELL fee

3% Survival Winner

1% Operation

1.5% SDAO Treasury

1.5% SDAO Rewards to SGT holders (baby token)




Looking for answers?

What is SDAO?

Survival DAO is the core protocol behind the series of tasks, challenges, and games we call SGT or Survive Game Theory. S DAO has a multilevel reward structure for everyone that is involved. Every SGT will reward the survivors with the accumulated prize pool at the end of each SGT all while filling the S DAO treasury with BTC,ETH,BNB for DAO members.

Where Can I Buy SDAO?

SDAO is traded on Pancakswap.

What are SGT?

SGT’s are a series of games released by SDAO. SGT’s will consist of different tokens representing the needed game pieces.

What wallet supports SDAO

Any wallet that supports BNB Smart Chain. Popular ones include Metamask and Trustwallet.

How do I participate in SGT’s

Every SGT that is released will have official rules listed in our Documentation